В офисе программа позволит быстро составить шаблон любой бумажной формы, с "умными" переходами между вопросами и контрольными логическими правилами. Удаленный работник легко и без ошибок сумеет заполнить полученную форму и передать ее в офис.


Company DigSee belives that the power of solutions DigSee SURE manifests itself in a joint work with partners,, who add our service on input of forms and questionnaires under office and field conditions to their services and solutions or independently sell / implement our solutions.
  Our partners provide a full range of hardware, technologies and their integration with the end user systems.

  We propose our potential partners to expand the range of services for their clients to a solution, which allows them not only to enter effectively forms and questionnaires, but also to achieve very impressive outputs due to a cost-effective mobile solution installed on mobile and handhelds.
  Thus, we can provide you with the supporting documentation, so that at your discretion you may independently support your clients. Another option is to delegate the support of your clients to our experienced support staff.
  The system of partnership is very simple and mutually advantageous. We can provide our partners with:

  • licenses for the direct implementation of DigSee SURE, Palm SURE and Network SURE by partners at their clients' sites
  • training of the potential partner to our systems and technologies at our training centre
  • special technical support of the partner
  • optional delivery of special OEM-versions of our solutions under the trademark of the partner's company
  • promotional materials
  • technical assistant to ctreate add-on to partners CRM, ERP or other software.

      If your client plans to implement components of mobile technology, do you have the required technologies and tools to help your client in this process? Do you need to produce fast and adequate results in the shortest time? In fact, practically any business activity can be formalised by forms. Thus, using our technologies of creation, input and editing of forms and questionnaires, you can impress your client with revolutionary impressive outputs. You can become the partner of DigSee, Ltd. and join the mobile revolution today!

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