Quickly create templates for any types of questionnaires, forms or reports. Significantly improve quality of operations and enhance the data entry process due to the built-in features of automatic navigation, logical and syntactical control. Fill in the form or questionnaire on-the-go and send it wirelessly to the office immediately after or even during discussion with a customer or interview with a respondent.

Network Sure

The network version DigSee SURE has been designed for multiuser input of questionnaires from several workplaces in a local network, as well as in the Intranet network.

DigSee SURE can operate both by the principle "one computer - one workplace - one data repository" and by the principle "many workplaces - many computers - one data repository".

  The software network version allows several operators to work simultaneously with unified data repository. Our technology is based on the client - server technology and SQL Server as a reliable data repository.

  Actually, each client network workplace has the same functionality as the Desktop/Notebook SURE software and differs only by method of connection to the database. By connecting to the database stored on the server, the user works with the unified office database of templates, questionnaires, qualifiers, and data arrays. Here an important role is played by the functionality of DigSee SURE, which provides system administration of the users, logins and different access rights. (See DesktopPC/Notebook SURE.).

 Thus, in combination with the available export/import functions related to the templates of arrays for questionnaires and forms, it is possible to set up the required operation scheme of your business (whichever sophisticated and diversified), which will include the remote departments, each having several network workplaces and a set of mobile users.             

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