Quickly create templates for any types of questionnaires, forms or reports. Significantly improve quality of operations and enhance the data entry process due to the built-in features of automatic navigation, logical and syntactical control. Fill in the form or questionnaire on-the-go and send it wirelessly to the office immediately after or even during discussion with a customer or interview with a respondent.

Any other industry

  The mainstream of your company business may happen to be in any industry other than the above-mentioned, but none the less you do intend to expand your business into field, to reduce your costs and to increase the turnovers. In this case, you can familiarize yourself with the following list: if the implementation of at least few proposed options is lucrative for your business, then we see you as our potential client!

  On the one hand, our applications may be very helpful, if you have some field staff and require to:
  receive remotely in the formalised form their results (reports on their work activities, orders, forms, market research analysis, results of various surveys, formalised orders on shipment of goods or operations performed, etc.)
  ensure reception by your office of the work results that can by immediately used for their and real-time-scale analysis
  improve your field staff management
  territorially expand your business.
  reduce time-consumption of your business processes.
  reduce data processing costs related to your field staff reports on their work activities
  dramatically reduce the number of data input errors made your staff with simultaneous replacement of paper forms and questionnaires by state-of-the-art paperless technologies.
  give your workers a true mobility and possibility to cope with data input in difficult conditions
  provide your workers with a pocket-sized cost-effective handheld organiser with such capacities as e-mail, contacts, scheduler, alarm clock, calculator, etc.
  implement innovative technologies in the shortest terms and with low costs

  On the other hand, you can take advantage of our office applications, if you require for your office to achieve any of the following goals:
  automate the simultaneous multiuser input of numerous forms and questionnaires
  ensure that your data input is convenient and errorfree
  enhance creation of electronic forms, account forms or questionnaires
  provide "smart" check of the filled forms that would not allow operators to enter logically incorrect data
  take advantage of the earlier experience and the respective data accumulated
  improve your business forecasts
  provide your clients with permanently updated and adequate outputs of your work on their orders.

  If you feel like you are our potential client, you may want to contact our representatives, so they would tell you how it is possible to achieve your purposes using our system.

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