Quickly create templates for any types of questionnaires, forms or reports. Significantly improve quality of operations and enhance the data entry process due to the built-in features of automatic navigation, logical and syntactical control. Fill in the form or questionnaire on-the-go and send it wirelessly to the office immediately after or even during discussion with a customer or interview with a respondent.

Sociological research

Have you ever seen how passengers are being interviewed at the airports?
  Filling in paper form is the most cumbersome example of currently used interviewing techniques: interviewer finds it quite uncomfortable to scribble down answers into the form placed on his/her laps.
Less frequently one can see an interviewer with a notebook, who begs the respondent to move elsewhere to a place where there is a wall outlet and desk: it's not much fun to balance a dozen pounds of laptop's weight in one's arm and worry about battery going flat!
  Our proposed solution will suit your requirements: either to provide significant revision of the questionnaire form, or to change modus operandi of your field representatives, or to increase yields, improve quality with simultaneous decrease of survey time and expenses for separate technological stages.
  The following information describes how usage of DigSee SURE solutions
will allow you to achieve impressive results of sociological research in the shortest terms.

  Minimisation of losses in data input quality practically to zero.
  Significant improvement of interviewing quality.
  Exclusion of secondary stage of data entry and the respective expenses.

  The way it works in the field is the following.

Your field representative holds a small and light PALM organiser and simultaneously with the respondent's answer enters the latter into the PALM organiser. Before asking a question, the interviewer can see the question, comments to it, as well as all available options of the respective answer. The interview is conducted quite informally, and it is practically impossible to make an input error, because the handheld automatically controls the input information quality. Depending on the answers obtained, the handheld provides navigation ("skip") to the following problem, and therefore it is impossible to ask irrelevant questions. Moreover, when the interviewing is over, the questionnaire will be automatically checked on logical consistency and, in case of detection of logical mismatches, the interviewer can immediately, while the respondent is still present, repeat the respective question and to correct the questionnaire!
Your clients will receive better results in a shorter time, and you sharply reduce costs. You would not need to organise secondary-stage questionnaire input anymore - questionnaires are entered into computer, when it is necessary - during survey conduction or interviewing.
After filling the questionnaire or form, your remote representative can transmit the survey results or interviewing to the central office in a few seconds, in a form ready for processing or for delivery to the client.

  This provides the following:

  Dramatic reduction of survey conduction time.

More confidence in the interviewer.
  People get quite anxious and reluctant when they see a thick paper form in hands of the interviewer and understand that so many questions await them. Another option - invitation to a bench or desk, where a notebook can be placed for the data input - in many case will be refused. In this respect, PALM handheld presents a preferred alternative: it looks compact, secure, and even sexy, which gains more confidence of the respondent to the interviewer and thus improves quality and information value of the interview. Moreover, the interviewer with PALM gets more chances to look in the eye of the person interviewed, and a visual contact is an important factor for success!

Possibility of conducting interview in difficult conditions: on the move, in public transport, or in a crowd.
  Only DigSee SURE solution gives a unique possibility of conducting "flash-interview" in difficult - for example, in a crowd. There is no necessity to look for a place to spread your paper form, all that you need for an interview is PALM that fits your palm. Interviewer can walk together with the respondent and fill in his(her) answers, or even do this in a crowded public transport. Moreover, in a few minutes the filled questionnaire would be processed at the central office - for this the interviewer does not need to move elsewhere - wireless technology assists him(her) to transmit the information to the office. This is a true mobility in a current mobile world.

More safety for interviewers.
  Unfortunately, the world we live in is not ideal: too many localities are quite unsafe and unfriendly to outsiders. A person with an expensive-looking notebook is exposed to unjustifiable hazard in such localities. On the other hand, demonstration of such "red tape" attributes as paper forms provokes animosity and, sometimes, even aggression. Therefore, an option of furnishing interviewers with a very cost-effective PALM organiser, which can be hidden in a shirt pocket or in a purse, will guarantee more safety to your interviewers.

Qualitative improvement of survey/interview techniques.
  As it has been already mentioned, each questionnaire or form is automatically checked on logic integrity, when it is entered during survey interview. But what happens if there are no input errors, but there is a lapse of logic in the questionnaire itself? Our solution takes account of this possibility, too. The questionnaire can be saved with a special checkmark, which means that the given questionnaire has logic errors or discrepancies. Later at office, manager or analyst will have a possibility to conduct and print out the questionnaire analysis by the logical rules, which "have worked " at the moment of the questionnaire input, for the subsequent analysis or delivery to the customer. Moreover, there is a special mode of separate editing/viewing of "incorrect" and "correct" questionnaires. A convenient system has been designed for navigating through each questionnaire and array of questionnaires.

Possibility to conduct simultaneous survey in several regions with reduced expenses.
  It looks too good to be true, but your prepared questionnaire template will reach your remote field staff in a few seconds irrespective of the distance. Thus, your remote representative can receive the questionnaire template either via common phone landlines, or via mobile network using GSM/GPRS connection. There is no more need to print paper questionnaires or to cover travel costs for your employees in order to get training on the new questionnaire.

Sharp cost reduction on training of your network interviewers on the new questionnaire.
  The prepared questionnaire template already contains all items of information indispensable for survey conduction. The rules, which will not allow operator to enter incorrect information, transitions or "skip patterns", which would minimise time of interview, logical rules, which will allow during interview to verify the respondent's answer or logical consistency, allow to enter both a question and comments of the interviewer - all this is immediately accessible to your field staff. The latter would need practically no training to start working with the new questionnaire and the new software.

Speeding up questionnaire elaboration.
  First of all, it is noteworthy thin the office version of DigSee SURE allows one to create template of any questionnaire very fast and conveniently.
  Difference at the given stage from other software packages designed for preparation of questionnaire templates is that DigSee SURE is oriented on fulfilment of definite tasks, namely - on the task of question-by-question preparation of questionnaire, and therefore questionnaire template is elaborated in the shortest terms. During the template elaboration you can see all the available options and possible types of questions, and thus in order to start developing a questionnaire you do not need any special training.
  Moreover, when preparing the questionnaire template, you can set special rules, which would not allow any input errors. For your questions you can set a control of allowed intervals (syntactical control), specify where the answers are mandatory or optional, "smart" navigating through the questionnaire depending on the answers of the respondent, and logical rules which will allow one to find mismatches in the form input or "lapses of logic" in the respondent's answers directly during the input process.

Reduction of survey preparation time due to incorporation of the earlier experience.
  DigSee SURE allows you to store in the system all templates of questionnaires and forms, which you have ever created. Thus, you can easily copy any of earlier used questionnaires and make "cosmetic" modifications in order to satisfy current requirements. Template creation in the image and likeness of the available one can now be reduced to a few minutes!
You acquire an opportunity of practically errorfree input of a large number of paper questionnaires at your office.
If you need to enter without errors a plenty of forms or questionnaires at your office (for example, those received by mail from "home users"), the Network SURE solution can assist you to reduce the input time and expenses with simultaneous reduction of the number of errors made by operators. All the above advantages, combined with two data input options ("keyboard only" and "keyboard + mouse"), and with a possibility of simultaneous entry of questionnaires from several workplaces and placement of the results on the central server - all these features make DigSee SURE to be quite indispensable for input of questionnaires.

Storage/Search/Editing of questionnaires. Export for further analysis.
  At the central office, the DigSee SURE system allows effectively to find /view /organise a storage of the arrays of the questionnaire.
  Thus, the system allows to export/compile arrays of questionnaires, to search for the questionnaire, to switch fast to the required questionnaire or question. Managers can analyse the questionnaires marked as incorrect to define any lack of logic in them.
  For further analysis, it is possible to speedily export files into a common .csv format (it is supported by the majority of statistical packages) or directly into Microsoft Excel.

  Below is a short list of benefits that you can enjoy by using DigSee SURE solution:
Speeding up questionnaire elaboration
Reduction of survey preparation time due to incorporation of the earlier experience
Possibility to conduct simultaneous survey in several regions with cost reduction
Dramatic cost reduction on training of your network interviewers on the new questionnaire
Minimisation of losses in data input quality practically to zero. Significant improvement of interviewing quality. Exclusion of secondary stage of data entry and the related expenses.
Critical reduction of survey conduction time
An option of on-the-fly analysis of questionnaire. Qualitative improvement of survey/interview techniques
You acquire a possibility of effective management of your field staff
If your company has numerous subdivisions - DigSee SURE is easily adaptable for any particular business structure.
You acquire an opportunity of practically errorfree input of a large number of paper questionnaires at your office.

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